Center for Neuroscience and Regenerative Medicine (CNRM) clinical researchers welcome patient referrals from health professionals. Patients should contact CNRM directly at 1-855-TBI-CNRM (1-855-824-2676) or by clicking on contact us to participate. For further information, a downloadable brochure and information card are located below. Click here to access the flyers for current clinical research studies. Please feel free to print and distribute these materials to your patients.

Informative Presentations

If you are interested in learning more about CNRM clinical research and would like to have our staff members speak at your institution, please contact us at

Downloadable materials for distribution and sharing

Brochure     Information Card


To learn more about CNRM and our research efforts, please visit the CNRM organizational and programmatic site. Additional materials or information may be provided upon request. Please direct requests to

Current Studies

Read more about current clinical research studies